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Each of us, in our own way, at some point or another, experiences something in life that puts everything into perspective. Some sooner than others, learn that life is much too short, and we do the best with what we’re given.
Crystal's Teddy Bear — Illustrator: Annabelle Marie, @nabbiebelle

Crystal's Teddy Bear — Illustrator: Annabelle Marie, @nabbiebelle

Before I was born, my sister, Crystal (initials “CAM”) passed away at the age of twelve from an inoperable brain tumor. Although she was not directly a part of my life, the effects it has had and continues to have on my family are everlasting. A rose has always been a symbol to remember her by, not to mention a flower she always admired. The twelve roses on the label represent my sister’s twelve years. “Camrose” was created for the purpose to raise awareness and support for the pediatric brain tumor and cancer community.

At the heart of Camrose, is an opportunity to bring awareness to a fraction of our population who are most vulnerable. Pediatric cancer is one of those unexplainable things in life. A rose is not only a timeless symbol of beauty, but also strength. Like a rose has thorns to protect itself, we are all fighters much like that. Vulnerability and authenticity are meant to be celebrated. So raise a glass of Camrose and cheers to that!

I’m here to remind you to celebrate this precious life we have. Be happy, be bright, be you. Fall in love, listen to your heart, get your heart broken, allow yourself time to heal, land the dream job, start a wine label, move to another country, get up early to watch the sunrise, admire a sunset, pick a fight, make amends, take a leap, take a splash, speak out, color your hair wild, be spontaneous, make mistakes, learn from them, live your life fearlessly and never take a day for granted. Life is nothing like we pictured it. Don’t let that stop you.

One dollar of each bottle sold is donated to the pediatric brain tumor and cancer community.

$1 per bottle sold is donated equally amongst the organizations.

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