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I’m Annemarie… A 27-year-old bioengineer by day, aspiring wine entrepreneur by night.  I decided to finally turn a dream I’ve had for a while now into reality – to start my own wine brand. Not only did I start one, but two brands (check out Calazor Wine Co. at calazorwine.com)… During a pandemic, with a full-time job, amid the 2020 California fires, not to mention one of my lead winemakers leaving a few months before my first launch. I’ve learned so much in that little time, about something I knew almost nothing about. The biggest thing, which I think surviving through a pandemic can teach us is that resilience is key. Good company + a bottle of wine helps too.

Annemarie Mendonsa

Annemarie Mendonsa

This brand was a collective effort and I’ll save you the Oscar-winning speech by naming each and every person that contributed to its success. I will tell you one thing… surround yourself with people who believe in you. There is nothing better to keep you going.

Camrose is my opportunity to share something with you very special to me and close to my heart.

As a perfectionist, I struggled on this journey trying to make the right decisions, imagine what will excite people, and keep my customers coming back. Trying to find the right people to help make my story come to life was no easy feat. At the end of the day, I decided I was the best one to write my story. I had to remind myself, and still do, that all that matters is that I love it, and people will fall in love with passion, not perfection. I know there are people out there who might not like my brand logos, color palette, overall brand voice, and maybe even the wine. But that’s fine because there’s something out there in this world for everyone.

Almost a year in, the wine industry has tested my strength and resilience beyond belief. The smiles this brand has created, the stories that have been shared, and the lessons learned, bring me so much joy and happiness, not even a glass of wine can do.

Lots of people can make great wine, what sets them apart is their story. Behind every wine label, is a vision, a story…oh yeah, and a whole lot of hard work. THANK YOU for your support – whether you bought one bottle, a case, or gave me the time of day by reading my story and navigating my website…thank you!


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